Toby Braeuer



Toby’s career began when in 2000, still living in Hamburg, he boarded a kiteboard for the first time. In order to devote himself entirely to his sport, he even moved from his hometown to Brazil. There he has the opportunity to spend almost every day on the water and especially in the air.

For him, the attraction of kiting is the feeling of flying. This is also the reason why he always returned to airstyle after some detours into course racing, waves and unhooked.

Airstyle also offers the most spectacular pictures and often elicits an awesome “wow” from the spectators on the beach!


He has not only shaped the oldschool area of the scene, but is also the most productive trick developer: Almost 2000 tricks are still on the books today and there is no end in sight! His tricks, which bear such original names as “Beach Darkslide King Deadman Flip” or “Beach OneFoot Above Board Darkslide Frontroll”, can be seen on Toby’s social media channels.


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