Lilly von Treuenfels



Lilly was born in South Africa on 26 September 1999. Lilly discovered her passion for surfing during a surfing holiday in Barbados with her father. Because she could only stand on the board during school holidays, Lilly soon decided to move to Lanzarote, where she lived and surfed until she graduated from high school. She is without doubt one of the most talented young German talents, which is why she was allowed to go to Morocco for the Eurocup and to Japan for the World Championship as part of the German junior surf team.
With her Abitur, the young surf talent has set off in search of her own wave. Lilly’s journey began on the Maldives. We accompanied Lilly to the Maldives in 2017 and shot Lilly’s image film together with ifeelfine. In the same year, Lilly was able to draw attention to herself with the Vice European Championship on the shortboard.  
With the beginning of her studies, Lilly focused more and more on the longboard and beach clean-ups during her surf trips. So issues like the clean ocean, sustainability and soul surfing have become an important part of her life.



3rd place Surf DM 2017 (Open Women)



2nd place Euro Surf Norway (Open Women)

2nd place Sylt Open 

1st place Surf Championships Germany 2017 (Junior Girls) 

2nd place Surf Championships Germany 2017 (Open Women)

Vissla ISA World Junior Surfing Championships



1st place Surf Championships Germany 2016 (Junior Girls)

2nd place Circuito Canario 2016

Volcom’s TCT Lavafisch Surf Series Teneriffe (Girls 20 and under) – Finals


With the beginning of her studies in London, Lilly developed from a competition surfer to a “soul surfer”. Today, she is a strong advocate of sustainability and a clean ocean. Are you interested in where her change of mind came from? Or what attracts Lilly to longboarding?

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