Angely Bouillot



Angely has always been a radiant and passionate woman and has felt comfortable on the water from the beginning. She kited for the first time at the age of 15, but it was only four years ago that she took advantage of the diversity of the sport.

In addition to kiting, Anegly also has a passion for art wher she is active and uses her dexterity to create clothes, skirts and lamps in her own style.

Driven by an extraordinary potential in Big Air, she is full of ambition and wants to make a name for herself with her outstanding achievements. She can compete with them in this extraordinarily male-dominated discipline. Angely travels the world to tame the best places in Big Air, Strapless and Speed, leading to admiration throughout the scene.

She is a born fighter who pushes herself to the limit in every one of her adventures.



1st place „A queen is born“ South Africa

1st place King of the Air Woman Demo South Africa



1st place Big Air Contest Megaloop Almanarre



World Champion Kitesurf Speed USA

France Champion Kite Boarder Cross

1st place overall of 2nd stage in the Engie Speedcrossing



France Champion Kitesurfe Speed

1st in the Sosh Cup of Mondial du Vent


Angely wants to continue to make a name for herself in the kite scene and take up the challenge against the best kiters in the world.

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